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2013 Wrap-Up: Events.

I completely forgot that my theme song for this year was Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk, and that right after I chose it back in January, I got sick and fell behind in everything.

THIS YEAR WAS COMPLETELY THE BEST. Remember how 2010 was the worst for everyone and we all listened to Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" as the year changed and said "YEAH. THAT SENTIMENT, 2010"? Yeah, so the OPPOSITE of that to this year.

Events (as opposed to books, which are lateeeer) for 2013:

- Zombie musical. Oh, how you consumed my January/February, but ah, you were worth it.

- Juice fast. Remember that, Tika? Remember how we made that terrible decision? The low point was me putting salt directly on my tongue, because oh how I missed it.

- Getting over crushes on straight girls. That was a good move.

- Singing wayyyy better than in previous years. Like. Way better. Good times ahead. And this year I joined VOX 3 and I get to write stuff for them, which is the coolest, and my caroling group did carols for fooorever and got monies. I am 100% approving of this.

- Hiking in the Indiana Dunes for the first time because asking internet strangers to do things can totally end up with you having an awesome time and NOT being murdered.

Was a good day.

- BEA tailgating meetup! LEST WE FORGET:


- Seattle. Remember Seattle? That was the best. Seattle was the best. My time there included an introduction to the bluffernutter sandwich (bacon/marshmallow/peanut butter). Bluffernutter, I will never forget you. Nor you, Nutella + ricotta crumpet. Or, y'know, Mount Rainier and stuff.

- Speaking at my church on Pride Sunday. That meant a huge amount to me. I'm extremely fortunate to have a church I don't have to hide in, and that not only accepts me, but wanted me to speak about what was a decade+ struggle in my life. I thought I'd be fine and totally chill about it, but when I read the speech to my parents, I broke down when talking about how one of my biggest difficulties with coming out was I didn't want to disappoint them. Writing/delivering that speech was one of the biggest things of this year for me.

- My cousin Janet's wedding/Ben & John's wedding/Abby & Cari's wedding. Ah! So many weddings! They were all beautiful, albeit in different ways. Of my cousins, I'm closest to my cousins Jeannie and Janet (who are sisters), and I've seen them in various relationships over the years, but the guy Janet's married is just stellar. He's a great, great guy who appreciates the awesome things about her, and seeing them get married was so wonderful.

- Frances Willard. Remember how I used to not know who Frances Willard was? Yeah, fuck THAT time. The 1880s-1920 have been my jam this year, starting with suffrage reading, and Frances Willard is just....she's just swell. She's so swell. Remember how she trained a cow to wear a saddle when her father wouldn't let her ride a horse? And how she had a pistol named "Defiance"? And how she's responsible for us having drinking fountains? YEAH, SHE DID THAT. Ugh she's so great.


- Roberta Kaplan and her many scarves. Aww. Remember life before Robbie Kaplan? I certainly don't. As if that kind of life is worth living. For those who don't remember, Robbie Kaplan is the lawyer who represented Edith Windsor in United States v. Windsor, which is the Supreme Court case which overturned section 3 of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, which is the section that bans gay marriage at a federal level. So that was a huuuuuge deal. I have her oral arguments on my phone. She is the best. And she loves terrible scarves and I love her.

Marriage equality in Illinois. Omg. Are you kidding? That seriously happened? Look, from the beginning of 2013 to now, the change nationally is unbelievable. It went from ten to 18 states. Along with federal recognition. WHAT. And while I followed the arguments and proceedings in every state, there is nothing like having your own state, that you love and want to live in for as long as possible, finally say ok. They said ok! My brain has still not fully realized that the fight in Illinois is over. How completely wonderful. Illinois, I love you so hard and I am so proud of you.

And we haven't touched on books! So many books! This year has been even more proof that so many things are out there already or going to happen in your future that you have NO idea about, and some are awesome and some are hard and some are both, but it's just really damn exciting. 2014, I am totally ready for you to happen.


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