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Books That Are Sitting On My Floor

I shoveled snow and drank coffee, and when endorphins + caffeine + sugar all mix together, I feel like I am riding a cotton candy cloud of happiness through life. I thought I'd take this time to gather up some of the books sitting in my tiny tiny bedroom that I have not read yet, and talk about them. (note: I just counted and there are at least 38 that are not sitting on shelves)

Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France. Remember how I SUPER-LOVE Reign? But mostly Catherine de' Medici? Well. Someone has written a biography of her that doesn't vilify her.

That's right, Catherine; you restore that reputation

And that person is "the daughter of Swedish aristocrats" and in her book's introduction thanks "[t]he Earl of Oxford and Asquith" and "Count Dr Niccolo Capponi." There also exists THE BEST INTERVIEW with her and you should read it if you want your Monday to be so much better: Leonie Frieda: I should have died from the overdose that put me in a coma but it wasn't my time to go.

On a related note, also sitting on my floor is a book I bought for its title:

YOU CANNOT EVEN GET IT WITH THAT TITLE NOW. It's published as Mary Queen of Scots: Politics, Passion and a Kingdom Lost, which quite frankly is some bullshit. You stick to your guns, Jenny Wormald. That woman was an idiot. OWN YOUR TRUTH.

I just opened this book for the first time, and the preface is amazing, because the author's like "Everyone is real into Mary, and I'm just sitting here studying her actual life and being totally confused as to why they would be." So basically, this entire book is going to be amazing, because omg Mary sucks so bad and I need to read someone else explaining why.

Some really lovely person at a publishing company sent me Jojo Moyes's One Plus One, which I haven't opened yet, but let's do that right now:

Ooh someone who seems very nice is arrested for accidental insider trading in the first chapter. That's exciting. Who is he! Is he guilty? Does he have genuine feelings for the girl who insider traded his information? IF THAT EVEN HAPPENED? I never read Me Before You, but I am a big fan of its '70s novel color scheme and font. And I like the name Jojo because that's the name of the singer who does "Too Little Too Late," AKA an excellent song from 2006.

Worth a Dozen Men: Women and Nursing in the Civil War South. Nursing in the 1800s is fascinating, no lie. Mainly because ladies saw gentlemen without pants on and that is SO SCANDALOUS. But what were Confederate ladies to do? Their guys were dying all around them and there weren't enough doctors, and the ladies were just sitting there. So basically they were awesome and let's celebrate nurses. Specifically 1800s nurses in this case.

I really wanted to use this GIF, then I felt bad about it, then I did it anyway

From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible. I am a sucker for archaeology in general, and when it comes to archeology + the Bible, I am all over it. Because yes, yes, FAITH and so forth, but I also want them to be like "We found the site of Noah's ark it's reeeeeeeal and not an implausible story yayyyyyyy." 

This book, which I obviously haven't read, talks about Eden, and Sodom & Gomorrah (which, hey, was destroyed by fireballs or something), Moses & the Exodus ("WE FOUND FOOTPRINTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RED SEA" is what I'm hoping for), Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, the Ark of the Covenant (different ark from before), and "the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel," which...I don't understand yet. 

My bedroom floor contains riches. And a shoebox of DVDs.


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