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Meghan Trainor Is Still Great

I know you all might think my Meghan Trainor enthusiasm has waned, but REST ASSURED IT BURNS BRIGHT AS THE PLANET VENUS.

There has unfortunately not been much new material from her, as she is on tour overseas, but there is a duet coming out with One Direction's Harry Styles someday maybe, which is of course called..."Someday Maybe."

don't judge me, Meghan

Now that I have indeed been listening to Meghan Trainor's music for MONTHS upon months, what are her best songs? Well. Here are my current top 5, excluding All About That Bass because you all know it, damnit:

1. Lips Are Movin. It's still great. Not sick of it. Do I know some of the dance because I watched a choreography video YES OF COURSE. What I'm saying is, it's immensely catchy and even though I avoided the music video for ages due to the sequined cat shirt I saw her wearing in it, it is in fact adorable.

don't tell me that's not adorable I will disown you

2. Dear Future Husband. Ugh. The thinkpieces written on this song. My automatic reaction is "y'all can go fuck yourselves," but I get it. When my friend and I were first listening to the album, our conversation was basically "hahahaha oh my, THIS is a little problematic, but whatever." Then everyone decided to tell a 21-year-old who grew up in Nantucket and never went to college that she's an anti-feminist idiot rather than say "Hey, uh, it seems like maybe you're not super-up on what feminism is? But hahaha we're all idiots when we're 21, maybe let me show you Emma Watson's speech."

As Tumblr said, "The answer here isn’t to shame women who reject feminism because they don’t understand it. The answer is to spread awareness and education so that more women will gain a better understanding of feminism."

DFH is basically a rehashing of Runaround Sue by Dion, aka one of the greatest songs of all time, and while the music video makes it look about as progressive as Leave It to Beaver, people ignore lyrics like "You got that 9 to 5/But baby, so do I." Also, costumes:

So there's that.

3. Like I'm Gonna Lose You. This is her duet with John Legend, and y'know what? It's just a really good song. It's also her parents' favorite and I know that because of reasons.

 I'm hoping it gets big and then people can STFU about Dear Future Husband, because here, the only thesis is that you need to love people tons because we just don't know how much time we have, man. Also she does a riff on the word 'goodbye' in it that makes me happy every time.

4. Mr. Almost. AGH so catchy. Now that I'm down to these last two slots, I'm panicking because I have at least four more songs I want to list. I HAVE BROUGHT THIS UPON MYSELF. No one enforces these rules but me.

5. Bang Dem Sticks. Yes. That is the title. And it's an ode to drummers and she raps in the middle. Because she is a self-actualized person and decided she wanted to, damnit.

One thing I appreciate about Meghan Trainor is how much she loves music. She's really into its creation, she really loves collaborating, and she does things like writing a song about how great drummers are.

She's so great. Look at her in her little captain's hat.

I honestly love all the songs on her album except "Close Your Eyes," which is trying too much to be an anthem for loving yourself (which...I guess is ok as a message), but I will say that when she performed it live, I was totally into it. More specifically, meaning the tracks I argued with myself about in terms of being in the top 5 or not, are "Credit," "My Selfish Heart," "Title," and "3am." And I guess "Walkashame." So I pretty much mean all of them.

Her single with Charlie Puth, "Marvin Gaye," is also adorable, and she covers "Can't Help Falling in Love" in her Spotify Sessions.

Why do I like Meghan Trainor so much? It started when I watched some live performances of hers on YouTube and realized she wasn't just a studio-created singer, but an actually invested musician. She's ridiculously confident in interviews, which is bananas to me because until a year ago, she thought she'd just be a songwriter for forever. She's confident almost to a naive degree, where she'll play part of a new song she's written on a radio show, then go "Isn't that great??" Like she's just really excited about how good she knows it is, and doesn't even get that it's mayybe seen as egotistical to do that.


I love the weird accent she's adopted, which makes no sense given that she grew up in Nantucket. I love that despite her huge song being All About That Bass, she has only recently stopped wearing a-line skirts, because she still has body image issues, and that is Real, man. I love that she is WAY too knowledgeable about how to take selfies. You watch her on the TODAY Show and after her interview, people are handing her their phones to take pictures and she is a machine with that. Click, boom, next photo.

I get why people don't like her. The amount of vitriol aimed at her is disturbing, though. At the end of the day, she's a young singer, recently in the public eye, who's still learning. And being just adorable while doing it. (do I have to show the captain's hat gif again? I do? ok):


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