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Probably Great Unread Books

I have pounding sinuses, I am on meds for menstrual cramps, and it's 2 AM, but let's dive into what looks good on my ever-expanding Goodreads to-read shelf, currently listing at 431 items.

Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. Do I have any interest in Russian lit? Y'know what, not really. They are a depressing people. But my junior year Russian TA that I had a massive crush on said it was great, so I've been meaning to read it for nine years.

The Teeth May Smile but the Heart Does Not Forget: Murder and Memory in Uganda by Andrew Rice. I added this in 2010. What? What? Does this sound like something I'd read? I mean, it has a 3.92 on the Goodreads rating scale, but what on earth induced me to add this? The only thing I can think is that I'd just watched The Last King of Scotland.

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. I own this by now. Still never read it. But I'm like 90% sure I'm really going to enjoy it. Apparently it's about an outsider girl who observes the preppy students at the Ault School in Massachusetts. Yes, that will be good.

Love, Anarchy, and Emma Goldman by Candace Falk. This is the book that made me visit Emma Goldman's grave (in Illinois! what What). It explores her relationship with Famous Douchebag Ben Reitman, and caused me to make this when I visited her former apartment building in New York:

At the time, being particularly invested in the subject, I said, this, my friends — THIS — is the street she and Ben Reitman would have walked down together.

BEN REITMAN, King of the Hobos, and the one person who 100 years down the line could make the formidable and intimidating Emma Goldman seem human and relatable.

(I was very into her being human and relatable)

At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson. I have checked this out from the library in physical book form, ebook form, and then finally bought it. Still have not read it. I did very much enjoy his book on the year 1927, and I am fully confident, barring accident, that this will someday be read. Someday. I like history. I like home. How could it not be.
Dangerous Ambition: Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson: New Women in Search of Love and Power by Susan Hertog. I don't even remember who the hell these women are. I get very excited about things sometimes and then forget about them later.

Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. What is this? Why did I think it was a good thing to add? "In her great historical epic Kristin Lavransdatter, set in fourteenth-century Norway, Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset tells the life story of one passionate and headstrong woman." 


The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy by Nikki Loftin. Put "Academy" in the title and I am 34% more likely to want to read it. Especially if the rest of the title is fanciful.

Between Women: Friendship, Desire, and Marriage in Victorian England by Sharon Marcus. I also own this book and have not read it. You know what I have been reading? The Maze Runner series. And it is great.


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