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I Am Reading Things!

So today's supposed to be What're You Reading Monday or Mailbox Monday or...something. I had a harsh weekend, guys. By which I mean A SUPER-AWESOME FUN WEEKEND, but I stayed up too late every night and now I am at work and tired. Oh, hindsight! Why cannot you ever be presentsight!

As is usually the case, I've started about twenty books and am "actually" reading maybe three. These are the current ones:

Doomsday Book - This is pretty rockin', but smart enough that when I was all lazy over the weekend, I thought '...nah, I'm gonna go with something unthinky.' That's when I picked up:

Beauty Queens - OMG EVERYONE IS READING THIS. And by 'everyone' I mean absolutely no one I know in real life, but all book bloggers. Or at least all book bloggers who are willing to read YA lit. Which, let's face it, is most of them. I was hesitant, but so many people have given it stellar reviews, that I figured what the hey. And thus far (like a third through) I am enjoying it.

For those unaware, it's about a group of teenage beauty queens whose plane crashes on a desert island and they have to survive. It's extraordinarily tongue in cheek (sometimes too much so -- maybe) and overall, I like Libba Bray's sense of humor. I've never read anything by her before, but apparently she did that whole A Great and Terrible Beauty series that people either love or hate.

The Parasol Protectorate - C'mon. Steampunk. Vampires. Parasols and tea. I forget where I first saw a reference to this, but it seemed up one of my many alleys, so I put it on hold at the library. Then it was taking A BILLION YEARS (two weeks) to come in, as everyone else in Chicago is trying to read it, so I scanned Amazon, and RIGHT HERE they have a Kindle bundle of the first three books for $10. A STEAL, since one alone is $7.99. I'm absolutely not far into it at all, but here's a sample:

Purely by chance, the heavy tip struck the end of her wooden hair stick, driving it straight into the vampire’s heart. The creature stood stock-still, a look of intense surprise on his handsome face. Then he fell backward onto the much-abused plate of treacle tart, flopping in a limp-overcooked-asparagus kind of way.

Not the best of examples, but whatever. It is lighthearted and fun and involves poofy dresses, which is all I need really.

So! Those're the main things. I haven't abandoned Moby Dick or The Princess Diaries; I've just been ignoring them. And life is busy, yo. Do you have any IDEA how many tv shows I'm supposed to be watching? It is almost beyond belief. And they are all excellent. AND I HAVE NO TIME. WHY, LIFE, WHY?


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