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Follow Friday, Where I Inform You of Awesome Blogs

I've never done a Follow Friday post. You can click on Blogs I Follow (er, I think you can, anyway) and pretty much all of them have something awesome about them. HOWEVER. I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to at least check out two blogs of people I know for realsies. They're extremely different from each other, and neither is about books, but they are both super-fun and amazing.

The first is by my friend Katie. Katie works where I work, and she helps stop me from wanting to shoot myself as I sit at the reception desk all day every day. She's funny and wicked-smaht (we all watched the Poehler commencement speech vid, yes? ugh, DO IT right now). Anyway, she writes down hilarious stories from her life, and if they're not hilarious, they're interesting. Side note: I like how 'interesting' has become one of the most boring words in our language. But its true meaning is for REALS here. Because she writes about deadly spider bites and getting peed on on the Red Line. Tell me you don't want to read about that. Tell me. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know my readers were liars. Yeah, that's right. I just called you out (but I still love you all, I'm sorry, let's never fight again).

The second is by my friend Erika. Erika and I knew each other sophomore year of high school. We went to a Christian school, and that year we were in a play called As It Was in the Days of Noah, or as my brothers liked to call it, As It Wasn't in the Days of Noah (they're clever boys). This was a musical about the Flood. How did we simulate the Flood? Acting, my friends. Also I don't remember. Anyway, this play was really, truly, terribly bad, and kind of unconsciously blasphemous. Erika and I played temple priestesses for the made-up pagan goddess Za. I sang a song with lyrics like 'Come take from us the barren womb/O giver of new life/And cause our seed to multiply/O goddess of the night, o goddess of delight.' I was 15.

To get through this traumatic experience, Erika and I would talk to each other. A lot. I was supposed to stand next to her in our pagan temple scene, and we had a lot of downtime while they figured out choreography for the ribbon dancers (played primarily by our school's cheerleaders). During this time I came to find that Erika was both awesome and funny. Then she moved away and, because facebook did not exist, we lost touch.

Cut to ten years later! We discovered the other one was on twitter, friended each other on facebook, and then I found her blog and went "DUDE, your writing is both sincere and amazing." Because it is. I'm usually uncomfortable with sincerity, but hers doesn't smack of 'This is me trying to be sincere,' but rather 'I am a genuine person.' Awesome. Her husband's in the National Guard, and she's part of a blogging circle of military wives. I think that's the right terminology. Anyway, I end up loving anything she writes, and she should have more readers to appreciate the honesty and insight she brings to her blog.

She is ChambanaChik.

Book-wise, I'm reading The Scarlet Pimpernel, which is kind of not that good? And I'm almost done with Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, which I'm just perplexed by because she never seems to get to the point. Hopefully State by State will be fraught with mystery, adventure, and getting-to-the-pointness (the point being that all our states are special and unique, even North Dakota).


  1. Just to let you know, I can click on "Blogs I Follow" in your profile and I don't even have a Blogger account. That means everyone can do it so no excuses should be tolerated!
    And, well, just because I think your blog is awesome (even though I don't ALWAYS comment, I assure you I am a most faithful reader), I shall check out the two you recommended. One can never have enough of good things to read.

  2. @waterfly89 Hurray! and you totally should check them out because they are entertaining.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. She never will get to the point in Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. And yes, she's a professor at Hope College, where I went to undergrad. I never had her for a class, but she read a poem at the Christmas concert that was pretentious and about pearlescent necre or some such and my family still makes fun of it.

  5. @Abigail I look like a dick for deleting your repeat comment, but I would like to announce that I am NOT.

    Did you read my goodreads review? 'Cause yeah, it really seemed like she was trying to prove something about her intelligence. I don't want anyone around me to use the word 'inchoate.' Lame.


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