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Merry Christmas, Books I'm Barely Reading

I'm on a liquid fast before Christmas. It is the worst. But my hope is it will negate all the Christmas tacos I will be eating (and a merry Christmas to YOU), so hang in there, stomach, and drink your almond milk with protein powder.

Since I'm reading a truly unprecedented number of books right now, and of course finishing none, I am going to list some of them and write opinions. Because that is obviously the FUNNEST.

The Night Watch - This is the best. How could it be better than Tipping the Velvet? TtV has CORSETS. And it certainly beats Night Watch in that regard, but for pure Good Writing and general literaryness and a feeling you are reading something worthy of being read, Night Watch wins. It starts in 1947 in London and goes backwards in time to '44, then '41. I'm a little worried about the ending, but I TRUST YOU, SARAH WATERS.

The Adventures of Nanny Piggins - This has the greatest of titles. And is about a pig nanny named Nanny Piggins. She eats all the chocolate. The end.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister - Did you know that in the 1820s there was a lesbian lady living in Yorkshire and she kept a coded diary and it's pretty damn amazing, and also she lived like ten miles from the Brontes? Yeah, so her abridged diaries were published, and along with discussing the price of her flute lessons, it's got scandalous sections about her dalliance with a friend, and hilariously Regency-but-not lines like:

"She is in love, it seems, & this gives me little hope of making much impression on her in the amatory way."

Poor Regency-era lesbians

The Casual Vacancy - Remember this book? Yeah, I've been taking a GIANT break from it. Mainly because 1) lazy, 2) easily distracted, 3) WHO KNOWS WHEN WE'RE GETTING MORE ROWLING. But what I've read of it, I love. Why? Because she makes you look at all aspects of a person and not reduce them to 'good' or 'bad.' Unless you're a Slytherin. 'Cause ha, those guys suck, amirite?

There're like seven others I'm basically not reading, but I think we're done here. I'm ALMOST done with Night Watch. I have to locate A Walk in the Woods, because I genuinely have no idea where it is. I WILL FINISH THESE BEFORE 2013. My family can see Django on their own. (hahaha jk there's no way I'm not seeing Django)


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