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The Help Readalong: Week Three. Spoilery Things Again.

I kind of feel like Hilly's some vaudeville villain. Like she actually has some sweeping black moustache and every time she does something particularly evil, she rubs her hands together and says "mwahahaha." She's just ridiculously awful. Like a Southern 1960s version of Dolores Umbridge.

Look at how far we are! My Kindle informs me it's 59% of the way through. Which is excellent, because this is a damn long book. And of course, I'd like to remind you all that if you've already read it, or want to jump in now, other points of view are welcome. Especially since my particular opinions are going to continue to primarily be composed of gifs proclaiming my love of Celia and Minny (and Mr. Johnny! oh, how wonderful he is!):

I fully admit that I started tearing up when all the maids started walking by Skeeter and telling her they'd help with the book. DISPLAYS OF UNITY AND LOVE, you always make me cry. This extends as far as that scene in Legally Blonde 2 when the Delta Nu phone tree is activated and they all march on Washington for animal rights. Yeah, I've seen that movie a few times.

I marked this passage:

“I was sick and I know that’s no excuse, but I was feeling real poor and…” She starts sobbing then, like the worst thing she’s ever done in her life is yell at her maid. 
“Alright,” I say. “Ain’t nothing to boo-hoo over.” 
And then she hugs me tight around the neck until I kind of pat her on the back and peel her off. “Go on, set down,” I say. “I’ll fix you some coffee.” 
I guess we all get a little snippy when we’re not feeling good.

with "MINNY AND CELIA LOVE FOR ALWAYS." Which is accurate. And OMG: "And it stings, not because I haven’t been yelled at before. I just haven’t been yelled at by Miss Celia yet."

I want them to be best friends forever and Leroy'll stop drinking and they'll have barbecues together and Minny's kids'll play with Celia's and NOTHING SAD WILL EVER HAPPEN TO THEM AGAIN.

Speaking of happier things, Lou Anne Templeton! O ye who smiles too much! Look at you, being all awesome! ALSO, Stockett, you crafty wench, look at you constructing high tension scenes like Skeeter leaving her satchel. I was on a bus reading that and almost lost my shit. "WHY DID YOU LEAVE IT, SKEETER!!" my mind thundered as I stared bug-eyed at the Kindle app on my phone. Yeah. That Stockett knows what she's doing. She's not the greatest author ever, but my interest has been maintained.

Chapters 20-28 for next Tuesday, kiddos.


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