Friday, April 6, 2012

Breakfast Club & Grouchiness

Remember when I used to post '80s music videos on Fridays? (ok, I did that twice) Today feels like that kind of day.

That vid is all kinds of amazing. I'm the slightest bit sad I wasn't really cognizant for the '80s. The main thing I remember from then would be Pound Puppies. And My Little Ponies. So really the cultural movers and shakers of the decade.

Let's quickly delve into social niceties, shall we? (yes) Ok. This is never the correct way this should go:

Person 1: How're you?
Person 2: Oh, pretty exhausted.
Person 1: Oh, yeah, me too.

....see what happened there? The conversation just dead-ended.

This can also be applied to the "Oh man, I'm so overwhelmed with stuff" "Oh, me too" exchange. As human beings, one of our evolutionary goals is to be less focused on the self and more concerned with our fellow man. True, our current self-focused age kind of sucks ass at that, but we should still make an EFFORT. In the above, you ask someone how they are, they tell you and then you make it about you -- which is bad. All people want in that case is something like "Oh, that sucks." At best, because people like talking about themselves (obviously), it can be "Oh, boo, why?"

You notice how there is more ranting when I am grouchy? I don't think this is surprising.

That'll be the day.

I'm like 20 pages into The Woman in White, i.e. I'm way behind, but I REALLY like it so far. The first page there were raised eyebrows and quizzical looks, but then there was general laughter and intrigue. Everyone keeps going on about Marian being awesome, so I'm just kinda waiting for her to show up. Also I keep looking at the massiveness of the book and going HOW SHALL WE DO IT but then I look at my lovely breakdown of the pages and think IT IS POSSIBLE, so all will be well.